Client Services

Achieving an understanding of the culture and requirements to work at your communities and company is paramount to our success in providing quality candidates. We would be happy to meet with you and/or your managers in-person to best assist us in successfully meeting your staffing goals. Tending to the fulfillment of the requirements to place at your property is only a phone call, email or fax transmission away.

Retained Search
Retained Search is an exclusive agreement between Property Management Personnel and our Client, predominantly for executive level positions. A Retainer or percentage of the fee is required at the beginning of the search. A PMP representative will meet with you to discuss the requirements of the position, structure the goals and responsibilities for both the search firm and you. We will identify and evaluate candidates (including internal candidates if requested) and prepare a qualification profile.

Executive Search and Direct Hire
Executive Search and Direct Hire are contingent fee searches. The positions staffed using Direct Hire are usually, but not limited to Manager level positions. Fee structures vary from 25% to 35% and are relative to the position requested to fill. The agreement is agreed upon in writing prior to commencement of services.

A Contract agreement is used to achieve a specific goal or task of our Client and has a beginning and end date. The positions are defined and the fees are negotiated. Candidates are recruited to fill those specific positions and are the employees of PMP. The Client retains the option to extend the contract or hire the candidate at a negotiated fee.

Temporary and Temp-to-Hire
Temporary positions can be as few as one day or a long as our client wishes to fulfill their needs. Opening a new property, filling in for maternity leave or wanting to make an educated decision for a new hire of Temporary Services can fulfill your need!

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